HRV – heat recovery ventilation systems


Our Technicians are certifed and trained to install and repair HRV units.

Life Breath

Because Breathing Matters

Keep Your Air Fresh While Conserving Energy

Your home was built to be energy efficient, and Lifebreath’s HRV helps it stay that way. In winter, the HRV’s patented aluminum core transfers heat from outgoing, stale air to incoming fresh air so that it doesn’t need to be fully reheated. In summer, the HRV works in reverse, removing heat from incoming air, helping your home stay cool. Lifebreath HRVs gives you fresher, cleaner air without adding load to your heating and air conditioning.



You need fresh air, so does your home.
Heat or energy recovery systems have been designed to recover the heat or energy contained in exhaust air. If you use a heating system more often than air conditioning, you need an HRV. If the opposite is the case, an ERV is recommended.

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vänEE is a leader in air exchangers in North America. Our sophisticated systems boast flawless design and can be used in homes, condo towers, and stores, whichever the size of the area. Using leading-edge technology developed by our engineers who focus on improving indoor air quality, our air exchangers allow air to flow effectively, without causing heat loss and excessive power consumption. In addition to ensuring optimal air quality, our ventilation systems control the level of humidity, avoiding air that is too dry or too humid.

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