Hot Water Tanks

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters supply hot water continuously at a set temperature. They offer reduced energy consumption since they only operate when hot water is needed. Models save space and can be installed indoors or out

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Bradford White

Most conventional tankless water heaters use an internal buffer tank to prevent “cold water sandwich” – that shot of cold water that can occur when there’s a temporary disruption in hot water flow. Using an internal buffer tank could potentially lower your heater’s efficiency and cause maintenance issues down the road.  The Infiniti™ K Series uses STEADISET™ Technology to keep the water temperature consistent with NO internal buffer tank. This smarter solution delivers better performance and increased efficiency with no additional maintenance concerns

John Wood

The John Wood powered by Takagi condensing tankless water heaters are state-of-the-art and are ENERGY STAR® Qualified with an Energy Factor of 0.95.  The John Wood powered by Takagi non-condensing tankless water heaters can provide you endless hot water when sized properly.


Navien NPE-A and NPE-S units replace inefficient tank heaters, saving water, natural gas and electricity with added benefits of endless supply of hot water, lower maintenance costs and longer product life. You can cascade up to 16 units in side by side or back to back configurations. The Ready-Link Manifold System provides everything an installer needs for a side-by-side wall-mounted application, side-by-side floor-mounted rack application or floor-mounted back-to-back applications.

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Noritz has been an innovator in the water heating industry for over 60 years. We introduced the first modern, electronically controlled tankless water heaters in 1981 and we remain the leader in energy savings and superior hot water delivery today.

Stiebl Eltron

Innovative, efficient water heating products have always been the cornerstone of Stiebel Eltron over our 90+ year history. From Dr. Theodor Stiebel’s simple immersion ring heater that started it all in 1924, to today’s digital tankless electric and heat pump water heaters, our passion for engineering and manufacturing excellence and technological innovation drives us to produce the best products available. Stiebel Eltron offers a variety of water heating solutions designed to keep you comfortable, plus save you money and energy at the same time!

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Traditional Tank Water Heaters

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A.O. Smith

A.O. Smith offers a wide range of water heaters. Through constant innovation, at production level and application level, A.O. Smith maintains its leading position in the market. This applies both to the choice of materials and components used in the manufacturing process, as well as to the efficiency of the finished products

Bradford White

The new high efficiency eF Series® residential power vent water heater from Bradford White represents a new level of product innovation. As an Energy Star model and a higher hot water recovery than similar BTU/Hr. input models, the eF Series® residential water heater is the energy-saving solution to high hot water demand in almost any home.

John Wood

Our full range of residential electric, gas, propane, tankless and oil-fired water heaters are manufactured to the highest quality standards.   Our high-efficiency residential gas products are a perfect choice for the increasingly strict energy requirements new homes must adhere to.

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