Heating and Cooling Maintenance

To maintain and protect your home’s heating and air conditioning units, it is imperative that you keep them in good working order for efficient operation and safety.  René’s Total Home Comfort Ltd. has industry qualified technicians able to maintain all types and brands of equipment.  Call us for prompt and efficient service.  We recommend servicing on an annual basis, and, with heavy use, twice a year may be best for your needs.

Please call the office for further information, pricing or to book a cleaning and inspection.




Chimney Sweep Service

It is important to have your chimney swept in the spring, after the winter use of your wood burning appliance is done.

Maintain your investment for safety and peace of mind.

All our technicians are WETT certified and will do a thorough cleaning and inspection.

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Air Conditioner Service

* check A-coil
* check outdoor condenser
* check freon charge
* check efficiency of unit
* check over blower assembly
* check electrical connections

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Pool Heater Service

 Gas Units:
* check gas assembly
* clean pilot & tube assembly

 Heat Pumps:
* check fan
* check compressor
* check freon charge
* check condenser coil

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